What If? What if? What If?

Guess what?  My first book, Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dream Into Reality, will be officially released August 19! It will be available for Kindle and you’ll be able to buy it on Amazon.
To say I’m afraid is an understatement. 
I’ve slid down the training evacuation slide of a 777.
I prepared a cabin full of people for an emergency landing.
I found razor blades hidden in the forward galley of a 737.
I’ve gone airborne during turbulence.
No of those scary moments compare to this.
What if no one buys my book?
What if no one likes my book?
What if?  What if?  What if?
I don’t think if I’ve felt this venerable.  This exposed.  This uncertain.  But that’s what makes a dream mature.  This uncertainty and hesitation gives a dream time to grow and develop.  This instinct to protect the tiny spark of greatness, is what allows hope to grow. 
Even now, I want to Pollyanna through the fear.  Pretend I’m not shakin in my books, but I don’t think it would be right to hide behind a mask of false confidence.
You see, at its core, my book is about making a dream come true. It’s about facing your fear and saying, no, to the voice that says: “I’m too old. I’m too fat. It’s too late.”  
Even though I’m afraid, I did it.  I wrote a book and published it.  What makes you scared?  Maybe you should think about doing it.


  1. Rebekah Bain says

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is so exciting! I can not wait to read it. I will write a book some day. Congrats!

  2. Sarah Scott says

    I’ve written a dozen, but like you said, its the publishing part that leaves me breathless and fear-frozen, which is why they remain unpublished files hundreds of pages long taking up space on my hard drive. Best of luck and way to go!

  3. Sarah Scott says

    Well, I have all the time I need. Its the gumption part I lack. I actually have at least 3 completed novel manuscripts, 2 children’s books and probably at.least 2 collections of short stories and 1 poetry collection. Thats what I have saved. I’ve written many more before owning a computer. How did you get started on the road to publishing your book and what made you do it? I’m kind of an old soul, I want to be published traditionally but putting in the leg work and handling the rejection is tantamount to freezing my fingers off on mount everest.

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