Why I don’t have an Etsy shop

 About two weeks ago I got the idea that I needed an Etsy shop.  A lot of bloggers have little shops on Etsy and I started thinking I should, too.    I spent my free time on the Etsy website and researched what was already being sold. I began collecting ideas and thinking about names.    

Then last week I got a little overwhelmed and I had to talk it out with my husband. I had forgotten motherhood is a job. In the best way, it’s a job. I don’t need to fill my day or my resume with anything else.  I don’t need to have anything else to show for my time. 

But Ty won’t be a baby forever (another reason to keep him as the only thing “on my plate”) so we also talked about some other dreams and passions I have.  I want to write.  I enjoy blogging.  I’m involved in a new writers group here in Charleston.  (check it out Voices: Write to be Heard) And maybe one day I will have my very own shop.

So I’m thankful I was reminded of my true passion before I wandered down a road of distraction and missed out on any opportunities to mother. 

PS This post was inspired byJessi.  After I read her post I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t have time in my schedule but I was choosing to fill my schedule with wife and mommy stuff.  It’s all about choosing.    


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    So true! And, don’t forget you are gathering so much material to write about as you walk each day as a wife and mother. Material that is and will be such a blessing to other women who come behind you! I’m so blessed to know you, Abbie!

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    Thank you Jennifer. Jason and I had to look at what I really wanted to do. I wish I could do it all, but right now I just can’t do everything and be the best mommy. I don’t want to miss out on anything Ty does. Thank you for your sweet words. I am having so much fun spending time with you, too!

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