Why I Need a Staycation….

We are a traveling family.  With my flight attendant background and Jason’s history in the airline industry, we have been all around the world.  At two years old, Ty is already a jet setter and Emily Grace (five months) will be earning her wings this weekend when she joins me at Blog Elevated in Houston, TX. 
  Although we enjoy traveling as a family, the way we travel and the expectation surrounding our adventures has change now that we are a family of four.  Jason and I are no longer exploring the road less traveled.  Off the beaten path hold a lot less romantic mystery than it once did.  We used to choose hotels based on proximity to the city center, but our priorities are different.  We look for great pools and kiddie spray yards. We look for big hotel rooms with bathtubs. We want to vacation in a place that is family friendly but not childish. (I mean bunk beds are fun and all, but not great for a marriage.) 
On our honeymoon, Jason and I went to Florida.  A few days in Orlando, a day in Miami, and a cruise was our itinerary.  Since having all these babies, we don’t travel that way anymore. Now we want to unpack everything and enjoy being in one space and in one hotel room. We still like to go out and discover, but we want to keep the same “home base” for the entire vacation.  I think this consistence makes the vacation so much more enjoyable for Ty and Emily Grace, too.  Within a day or two, they become familiar with their new surroundings and begin to look forward to swimming “their” pool.  
The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center is the kind of place we are looking for. They are located just outside of Houston and they have it all.  Pools and a “sprayground” for my little fish.  A spa for Mama and a water slide for Daddy. (Ok, let’s be real.  The slide’s for Mama, too. The 10-foot water wall is more Daddy’s laid back style.) 
The Woodlands is giving away a staycation package to one of the Blog Elevated attendees and I have my fingers crossed that they pick me. I need a staycation. These past 30 months have been crazy.  I birthed two babies, gave up my career to stay home with them and I wouldn’t trade the world wind of crazy my life has become for anything. But sometimes, Mama needs a break.  Not a break from my family, but a break with my family.  Not a break from my life, but a break full of life. I’m learning that being a strong family doesn’t just happen.  A strong family is the result of choosing to be together and I can’t think of a better place to be together than under that big Texas sky. 
Did I get you thinking? Check out The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center here

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