You know you’re married when….

     I know technically you can only be married or not married, but there is a time, at the beginning where your single self is slowly melting into your spouse.  Kind of a learning curve as a couple.  There is still some mystery being discovered. 

How she looks when she first wakes up. 
How much toothpaste he leaves in the sink. 

And then come the moments when you feel married. 

Giving birth to a child that is all yours and all his.  
Being scared or heartbroken or disappointed and realizing he is 
the only one you want to comfort you.  

A few days ago I needed Jason’s help in a way I never imagined I ever would.  I got stuck in a girdle.  He had to pry it loose.

Okay.  So I just had a baby and my belly just looks different.  I found an innocent looking camisole that was labeled “shape wear”.  Sounds so harmless.  I never even suspected it would attack me, tie me up and hold me hostage. 

I got in it with only minimal groaning and gnashing of teeth.  But then, while I was trying to take it off, it pounced and left me stranded with both arms above my head, unable to move.  I was forced to call for help and although Jason wasn’t completely surprise I was in such a strange state of affairs, the situation did call for a bit of explaining. 

I was again thankful to be married to such a strong, patient and helpful man. 

Jason, you’re my hero.

When have you felt married?


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