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Do you dream of soaring to new altitudes with a career as a flight attendant?

Are you ready to take-off, see the world, meet new people, and do work that is exciting and rewarding?

Are you at the beginning of your journey, excited but unsure of where to apply and how to get noticed?

Are you applying and doing all that you can only to find yourself unable to overcome interview, assessment, and application challenges?

Then you, future flight attendant, are in the right place!

Hi, my name is Abbie Unger. And I know what it feels like to watch the sky, become emotional at the sound of a jet engine, and want so badly to be up there in that airplane. 

A little over fourteen years ago, I landed my dream job as a flight attendant with a legacy carrier. Life, as you know, has its ups and downs and a few years after I earned my wings, I got married, moved, and left aviation. 

It wasn’t long after life settled down again that I found my heart longing for the smell of jet fuel. I knew exactly how Leonardo da Vinci must have felt when he said, “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”  

Thankfully, I was in a position to jump back into the aviation industry and accepted a job from a regional carrier. 

About nine years ago, I once again hung up my wings when my first child was born. This time, however, I didn’t leave the industry completely. Instead, I wrote my first book, Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dreams into Reality. That book grew into a company and seven years ago, I launched Flight Attendant Career Connection.

Over the last six years, I have had the opportunity to help thousands of people achieve their flight attendant career goals. My diverse experience in the aviation industry as both a mainline and regional flight attendant as well as an inflight instructor has allowed me to offer advice and instruction through books, coaching, videos, live conferences, and resume services.

To say I was born to do this may be a bit of a stretch, but as someone who loves flying, fasten your seatbelt low and tight and go with me on this. 

I know how amazing it feels to walk across that stage as the sound system plays Leavin’ On a Jet Plane, and have those shiny wings pinned to your chest at graduation. 

I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible experience their dreams of making a living as a flight attendant. 

Your dream is worth investing in. 

Your goals are worth investing in.

 And your future career is worth investing in!

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My goal is to help aspiring flight attendants reach their goals faster and with less frustration. I'd love to help you as well. 

Every product, service, and class offered by Flight Attendant Career Connection is specifically designed to help you overcome the obstacles faced by men and women like you who are READY to stop feeling grounded and START taking flight as a Flight Attendant.

When you purchase the Looking Skyward Package, you receive all the tools you need to successfully move through the flight attendant interview process. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive services, support, and savings. 

The Looking Skyward Package includes:

  • A resume rewrite (a new, personalized resume in the preferred format and including keywords the airlines are looking for) ($145 value)
  • A JetBlue Cover Letter (Looking Skyward exclusive)
  • A general cover letter that you can update for any airline (Looking Skyward exclusive)
  • Resume Updates as your career experience changes (Looking Skyward exclusive)
  • A digital copy of my ebook: Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dreams into Reality
  • A digital copy of the FACC Interview Workbook plus bonus resources ($30 value)
  • Access to Foundation: Industry Insights and Lifestyle Lowdowns video training (recording) ($15 value)
  • Access to the Confidence Class (recording) ($20 value)
  • Access to the Southwest Intensive Training (recording) ($99 value)
  • Access to the STAR Format Class (recording) ($22 value)
  • 2.5 hours of one on one interview coaching and strategy sessions with me via Zoom video conferencing (can be used in 30 minute or 1-hour chunks) ($295 value)
  • Special discounts on FACC merchandise and future services

Plus, access to the newest FACC resource for FREE:

  • 12 months of access to the FAC Hub ($588 value) (brand new and still a work in progress, but expanding every day.)
  • 12 months of access to 2x a month study hall sessions, quarterly masterclasses, and monthly "interview with a flight attendant" 

Total Program Value: $1199

Your Investment: $597

Have some questions? Scroll down to read the FAQ and answers. 

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To help you decide if this program is a fit for you and your dreams, here are some Frequently Asked Questions… 

What will I learn and what do I get?

Your first Looking Skyward exclusive product, the Flight Attendant Foundations video training, is a 90-minute class filled with instruction to build your foundation.

The topics we will cover include:

  • History and structure of the aviation industry
  • The difference between legacy, regional, low-cost, and ultra-low-cost-carriers
  • Airline terminology and slang
  • Reserve life and commuting
  • Preparing for a successful training
  • What is training drama and how to avoid it
  • Studying and test-taking skills
  • And more 

Resume Rewrite and Cover Letter:

One of the first services ever offered by Flight Attendant Career Connections was a resume rewrite and this service has continued open doors and secure interviews for thousands of flight attendants. If you are struggling to create a resume that you are proud of, don’t worry another minute. I got you. Your new resume will:

  • Be unique and personalized. We do not reuse the same objective for every client like other flight attendant resume service providers
  • Contain the keywords needed to get your resume past the pre-screening software and on to the next stage on the interview process
  • Skillfully convert your work experience into a job description that highlights the three pillars of flight attendant responsibility: safety, customer service, and teamwork
  • Be finished. You will not need to change or modify your resume before applying to any airline
  • Be returned to you in two formats. A ready to print PDF and an editable word doc.
  • Include a JetBlue cover letter and a general. Although in my experience JetBlue is the only airline where a cover letter increases your chances of success, I’m including a general cover that can be used to apply with any airline once you update the contact information. 

Private Interview Coaching with Abbie: 

Coaching is one of my favorite ways to help aspiring flight attendants because there is no better or more productive way to prepare for an interview. During our coaching session, we will talk about your background and experience. I’ll go over what to expect during the interview and you’ll have a chance to answer interview questions with feedback. We will meet face-to-face on Zoom video conferencing. With the Looking Skyward Package, you get 2.5 hours of coaching. These sessions can be broken into 30 minute or one-hour sessions based on your needs. 

I’ve heard negative things about flight attendant school, how is this different?

Flight attendant schools are a bad idea because they are not necessary for aspiring flight attendants in the USA and they are expensive! Once you accept a job offer, your airline will send you through their training program and teach you everything you need to know from how to serve champagne to how to fight a fire. Flight attendant schools can actually make airline training more difficult because you may find yourself needing to unlearning what the school taught you and relearning policies and procedures according to your airline’s guidelines. 

The Looking Skyward Package is different because it is not designed to train you to become a flight attendant but instead to coach, motivate, and instruct you to become the best flight attendant candidate you can. We will talk about how to successfully interview and brush up on study and test taking skills, but I’ll leave the training to the FAA certified instructor at your future airline. 

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