Private Interview Coaching for Aspiring Flight Attendants

Do you have the interview of your life coming up and lack the confidence you need to bring home a job offer? 


Are you tired of hearing generic “just be yourself” interview advice and wish you could get advice that is custom-tailored to your situation? 


Are you an aspiring flight attendant wishing you could just figure out what it is the airlines are looking for? 


Are you searching and practising your interview answers faithfully, only to feel unsure if you are even on the right track?

Yes! Coach me, please! 🙌

This is exactly why I offer private interview coaching sessions.

I have been in aviation for 15 years and for the last seven years I’ve been helping aspiring flight attendants land their dream job.  

Don’t tell my other services, but coaching is my absolute favorite!  

Customized Support So You Can Reach Your Goals

The content and context for each interview and career coaching session is unique and personalized to you. Our session will start out with a brief chat about your background, experience, and goals which will allow me to get to know you and customize our session to best meet your needs. This brief chat will allow me to gauge what you need from our session as well as what you want from your new career.

Next, I'll go over what to expect during a flight attendant interview. If you are preparing for an upcoming video, phone, or face-to-face interview with a specific airline (or several specific airlines), I will go over the branding, core values, and recent interview process for that airline.  

Throughout the session, I’ll answer any questions that you have. Whether you have questions about the flight attendant’s lifestyle, which airlines I think would be the best fit for you, or how to answer any style of interview question.  

I know it already sounds like a lot will be happening during the session, but the majority of the time will be spent practising. You'll practice answering real interview questions and I will give you feedback and guidance so you know where you are nailing it and where you can shine a little brighter. 

The goal of interview coaching is for you to have a clear picture of what you bring to the table and the tools to clearly communicate your unique point of view and brilliance to your recruiter during the interview. I want you to leave our session with the skills, confidence, and tools to answer any interview question they could throw at you. 

Coaching sessions last an hour and we will meet live on Zoom.

  • Once you book your session, .you’ll be emailed the instructions for logging on and connecting with me on Zoom. 
  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions plus a monthly 30-minute strategy session is included with the Premier Access Package  
  • 1-hour sessions are priced at $125 each
  • Or you can purchase a bundle of 2 sessions (sessions will be used separately) for a discounted price of $189

Ready to book a session, polish up your interview answers, and move towards your goal? Click below to get started.