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The Flight Attendant Career Connection Interview Workbook


✈️ What would you do if a passenger complains about a crying baby nearby?

✈️ Tell me about a time you saw a co-worker do something unethical?

✈️ What would be the title of a book written about your life?

✈️ Why do you want to be a flight attendant for XYZ Airlines?

When you read these questions did they cause a little anxiety at the thought of answering them?


If you said Yes, then you are not alone! But you can take a deep breath because I got you. The FACC Interview Workbook Bundle will teach you how to craft authentic and effective interview answers.

The biggest part of securing an invitation to flight attendant training is having the skills to successfully interview.

Alright, you’re probably, like, “Duh. I know interviewing is important.”

Ok, true, but really think about the interview process to become a flight attendant. It is several layers of interview.

Different styles of interview.  Different types of interviews.

You’ll interview:

  • on camera
  • on the phone
  • face to face
  • in front of a room of applicants
    while performing a group activity
    and numerous other ways

Having the SKILLS to navigate every question is what the FACC Interview Workbook is all about. 
The workbook bundle is an instant digital download and is available for $38.
Here's the full list of resources that are included:

  • The newly updated 2023 FACC Interview workbook with over 50 interview questions
  • Training and instruction on the four types of questions you will be asked during your interview including STAR Format, Personality, On-Board Situational, and Tell Me What You Think questions
  • 4 Interview Skills Training Videos equaling over 5 hours of video-based training
  • Advice and prompts to help you create the best answer that fully and uniquely represents you
  • A full copy of my Amazon bestseller, Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dreams into Reality
  • The guide “How to Ace the Video Interview” (only available as a bonus with the workbook)
  • A list of over 100 airport city codes for you to begin studying. (Most airlines will test you on city codes during training)
  • A special Video Interview checklist to make sure you're ready every time

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