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You know what you want, but HOW & WHEN will you get it?

I KNOW how passionate and excited you are about being a Flight Attendant. You are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make this exciting dream come true. But somehow achieving this dream that felt so real is starting to feel way harder, more complicated, and out of reach than you thought. 

If you’ve been feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and disappointed by the process so far, you are NOT alone. 

The sad fact is that many aspiring flight attendants don't get the information or support they need to even make it past their first interview, let alone thrive in their first airline job.

I would know. I've gone from getting fired from my first airline (worst day of my life!) to coaching thousands of people to land their dream jobs over the past 8 years and what I know for sure is this - creating your dream flight attendant career is so much easier (and more fun) with the right guidance. 

That is why I am SO excited to introduce you to The FAC Hub (featuring our famous Study Hall sessions!) because I absolutely KNOW that you can change your life and become a flight attendant. I am passionate about making sure that every aspiring and ambitious flight attendant that I meet has the resources they need to succeed.

The FAC Hub is the perfect place for you to get the information, feedback, and guidance that you’ve been missing so that you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you’re doing the BEST job you can to make your flight attendant dreams come true. 

The FAC Hub is full of resources and live Study Hall sessions to give you support before, during, and after your interview process. You’ll get the priceless opportunity to practice your interview skills, build your confidence and get real-time feedback from an expert BEFORE you’re sitting in front of a recruiter. 

You do not need to go another day struggling or second-guessing your path to your dream career. If you are ready to jump in (and take off!), then I’m here for you.

I'm in!

Included in your FAC Hub Membership: 

Study Hall

As a member, you'll be invited to twice-monthly Study Hall sessions where you'll get your questions answered, your concerns address, and your interview skills polished. 

During Study Hall we discuss recent events in the industry, report on current interview experiences. Plus, you'll practice answering interview questions and receive powerful feedback.

Q&A with a FA + Master Classes

Once a month join Abbie and a guest Flight Attendant for a live Q&A discussing lifestyle, personal interview experiences, and airline specific questions.

So far we've hosted flight attendants from American, Frontier, FSI, Southwest, SkyWest, and JetBlue!

In addition to Study Hall and Q&A with a FA, you'll participate in a quarterly masterclass at no extra charge!  

The Hub Library

Inside the HUB portal, you'll have access to up-to-date pay rates, crew base cities, job requirements, and training details for all the airlines in the United States. 

This information will allow you to easily compare airlines, helping you find the best airline for you based on  your goals, situation, and personality. 

Nowhere else on the internet can you find this information in one easy-to-access place.

Choose your FAC Hub membership option: 

FAC Hub Monthly

$47 / month

Billed Monthly / Cancel Anytime

  • Twice a Month Study Hall Sessions for High-Vibe Connection, Support, and Accountability
  • Hosted Q&A with a FA
  • Quarterly Masterclass taught by Abbie 
  • Access to the FAC Hub Library
  • Discount on Private Interview Coaching
  • Over $200 in Bonus Classes and Resources
  • Study Hall and Class Replays
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FAC Hub Annual

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Curious about the type of support you can expect in the Hub?  

Check out our recent Study Hall below 👇


Here's what a few of our Hub Members have to say...

Pam A.

Thank you Abbie for this amazing group. Your workbook & informative videos really prepared me for my face to face interview. I was offered a CJO on the spot today! I’m so excited to start my dream job.

Cole H.

Abbie!!!! I just my CJO from United!!! ❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🙏🙏😭😭😭 I could not have done it without you and FACC!!!!

Crista C.

I got my CJO today! 🤗 Thank you!! Your training program really came in to play during my interview and helped me feel confident! I start March 14th! 🥰 

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Hi... I'm Abbie!

To say adventure runs through my veins might sound cheesy, but it’s true. As a kid, I would look skyward and dream about a future where I got to travel for a living. In 2006, I landed my dream job as a flight attendant for United. I remember the day I earned my wings like it was yesterday - pure magic! Working in an office 30,000 feet above the ground was the ultimate dream come true. 

When I met my husband Jason, who also works in the airline industry, we instantly bonded over a shared love of adventure and travel. We also shared a desire to start a family. And while my career adventures eventually took me from United to Continental Airlines to PSA Airlines, ultimately, I decided to ground my career to raise my 3 young children.

And while today, my office is at sea level in Destin, FL now, my passion for helping other people's careers take flight remains high in the sky. Since founding Flight Attendant Career Connection in 2013, I’ve successfully supported, mentored, trained, coached, and/or inspired thousands of aspiring flight attendants to land their dream jobs at 30,000 feet.