The #1 thing you need at your interview ☝️

blog confidence facc workbook Apr 23, 2023

Of all the things that you take with you to your flight attendant interview, confidence is the most important. 

The good news is that confidence is a feeling, so it won't take up any room in your roll-aboard 🤣 but it can be a bit tricky to "unpack" when it's needed. 

But in all seriousness, confidence, or maybe I should say the lack of confidence, is the most common culprit when it comes to TBNTs. 

You know you have what it takes to be an amazing flight attendant; you're kind and caring, focused on helping others and keeping them safe. 

You know you would do a good job if an airline would just give you a shot. 

Does this sound familiar? Then you might be lacking in confidence during your interview. 

Confidence is more than just being sure of yourself or being skilled at self-promotion. 

⭐️ Confidence is the foundation of leadership.

⭐️ Confidence inspires others to trust you. 

⭐️ Confidence allows you to cut through the noise and communicate what needs to be said. 

And these truths about confidence are why confidence is so important during an interview.

The recruiter needs to know that even when the pressure is on, (in an interview or an emergency) you will lead, inspire others to trust you and communicate what needs to be heard. 

The recruiter needs to know you've got what it takes to perform in any situation. 

Another reason confidence is so important during an interview is confidence helps you communicate. Feeling confident is key to showcasing your skills, brilliance, and heart through your interview answers. 

I know you're going to be nervous, and that's ok! If you weren't nervous, it would mean you didn't care. 

But you can go into your next interview nervous AND confident! It is possible to feel two things at once. 

If you'd like to build your confidence, I encourage you to get your copy of the FACC Interview Workbook. Feeling prepared goes hand in hand with feeling confident and the Interview Workbook and Interview Skills Training class will prepare you. Plus, the workbook bundle also comes with my favorite class, The Confidence Class, which teaches you how to stir up your confidence and feel more confident when you need it. 

Your life as a flight attendant is just around the corner. Keep heading towards your goal.