Trying to stand out in your interview? Read this first.

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2023

One of the most unique things about hiring flight attendants is the sheer volume of open positions that need to be filled.

Instead of multiple candidates all competing for one or two spots, as we see in most jobs, aspiring flight attendants are in a much better position because there are thousands of open positions that need to be filled. And that is especially true this year!

The large number of open positions creates less competition between candidates, resulting in the need for a special interview strategy.

In a flight attendant interview, you don't need to prove that you are the best person for the job.

Read that again.

How you compare to the other applicants is not relevant.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, you'll focus on what makes you qualified to become a flight attendant:

✔️ Your background and experience

✔️ Your passion for helping others

✔️ Your friendly personality

✔️ Your capable and efficient work ethic

✔️ Your desire to embrace the flight attendant lifestyle and soar in your new career

One mistake I sometimes notice my clients make is that they fall into the trap of comparison. I don't mean they are comparing themselves and coming up short, busting their confidence. I mean they use precious interview time explaining why they should be hired over the other applicants.

Please don't fall into this trap. There are so many openings that need to be filled that recruiters are not limited.

All you need to do to stand out and get your offer is to communicate with confidence and make sure you are clear about what you bring to the table.

You know you have what it takes to make a difference, keep people safe, and provide memorable service in the sky. And that knowing is your interview answer foundation.

I believe in you. Keep practicing your answers, and you'll be ready when it's time.